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Pass the Time

Can you believe it, finally after a few false starts and after eight years, I’m going to build my Rural White Farm House. You are probably thinking, wait a second…you already have two Little White Houses? Yes… this is true but I didn’t build those.

Here is a little background info…I built my first Little White House on Francis Ave., Fort Langley in 2000. Then came the Little White House & Co businesses. Since then, we sold our house on Francis and did a side detour into South Surrey, now heading back into the Country.

When I’m working on design, decorating or buying ideas, I’m most driven by the need to evoke a feeling. Below is my first Rural White Farm House inspirational photo and I found it by searching two of my must haves, historical house design with a front porch.

I’m probably romanticizing the idea of the front veranda, but I do see myself, my husband, and my family passing the time away on this charming small covered room. Relaxing, sipping tea, coffee or lemonade all the while letting the days tasks drift away. My front porch will welcome me, and all who I love, home!

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  1. <Kudos to the changes you made on your site, as well as the repertoire of improvements you have injected to enhance your business! Keep it up; it's such a blessing (which I'm certain you worked very hard for) to be able to combine your business and passion. Good luck!

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