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White Cedar Shingles

My Shingle Style Farmhouse will de-emphasize applied decoration and detailing in favor of a home wrapped in white cedar shingles.  The Shingle Styled Houses designed in the 1880-1900, with their rambling informality and connection to the outdoors, (in-part) was our inspiration. We too will have many cross-paneled rectangular windows, bays, sunrooms, and transomes.  Wishing to … Continued

The Pretty White Farmhouse

I think nothing is prettier than a White Farmhouse and did you know the most loved paint colour in the world is White.  The Farmhouse is most recognizable by its design elements of a covered porch, classic symmetry, and tall rectangular windows.  The front of the home would be for formal gatherings and the large … Continued

Pass the Time

Can you believe it, finally after a few false starts and after eight years, I’m going to build my Rural White Farm House. You are probably thinking, wait a second…you already have two Little White Houses? Yes… this is true but I didn’t build those. Here is a little background info…I built my first Little … Continued