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Beauty, Rhythm and Order

Exposed rafters and rafter tails were common elements in early farmhouses. Rafter tails were true continuous extensions of a building’s rafters and existed for reasons of efficiency and economy during construction. Simple plumb-cut rafter tails created an overhang with no extra effort or material. When notched, they allowed gutters to be placed directly within the … Continued

Riverside Views

I fell in love with the tall narrow windows of my Little White House shop on Glover in Fort Langley and knew that someday several tall white-mullioned beauties would adorn my own modern farmhouse. Farmhouse architecture began in the fields of Scandinavia and Germany, then in the 1700s, made its way to rural farm lands in … Continued

This Little Light of Mine

We are weeks away from moving in to our modern farmhouse-inspired home. Atop our white shingled abode, you’ll find an eight-windowed cupola! The cupola can be traced as far back as the 8th century when daily calls to prayer could be heard from the balconies of these domed structures. Over time cupolas have served several … Continued

White Cedar Shingles

My Shingle Style Farmhouse will de-emphasize applied decoration and detailing in favor of a home wrapped in white cedar shingles.  The Shingle Styled Houses designed in the 1880-1900, with their rambling informality and connection to the outdoors, (in-part) was our inspiration. We too will have many cross-paneled rectangular windows, bays, sunrooms, and transomes.  Wishing to … Continued

The Pretty White Farmhouse

I think nothing is prettier than a White Farmhouse and did you know the most loved paint colour in the world is White.  The Farmhouse is most recognizable by its design elements of a covered porch, classic symmetry, and tall rectangular windows.  The front of the home would be for formal gatherings and the large … Continued

Pass the Time

Can you believe it, finally after a few false starts and after eight years, I’m going to build my Rural White Farm House. You are probably thinking, wait a second…you already have two Little White Houses? Yes… this is true but I didn’t build those. Here is a little background info…I built my first Little … Continued