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Centuries Old

Talking about chimneys during “Santa Season” seems like the right thing to do…ho, ho, ho! My simple farmhouse has only a few exterior adornments including window boxes, gooseneck farmhouse lights and of course, my three-story chimney. Each of these adornments helps to create that old-world charm I was after.

You can create old world charm when building a new home by using architectural salvage and/or materials and techniques that mimic your sought-after look. For example, German smear involves coating new or reclaimed bricks with a layer of wet mortar to mimic the look of irregular stones and heavy mortar joints. This style was often found on centuries-old cottages and castles throughout northern Germany. The mortar adds a rustic distressed appearance with partial coverage, softening the harsh straight lines of traditional brick siding.

By applying white mortar over white reclaimed bricks, our mason was able to create a soft and chalky aged chimney that helps our home seem like it’s been around forever. I absolutely love this look! And we think Santa will too!

Germansmear2  Germansmear1

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