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Riverside Views

I fell in love with the tall narrow windows of my Little White House shop on Glover in Fort Langley and knew that someday several tall white-mullioned beauties would adorn my own modern farmhouse.

Farmhouse architecture began in the fields of Scandinavia and Germany, then in the 1700s, made its way to rural farm lands in North America. Function over style characterized these early farmhouses. Windows were simply to let in air and natural light. They were typically tall and narrow because of the process used to make the glass. Glassblowers of the time would blow large tubes of glass which were then cut along their length and allowed to wilt in a special oven to form a narrow plate known as sheet glass or broad glass. The resulting window panes were separated by a wooden framework often with a single-hung sash.

Of course, today’s window options are endless but it was an easy choice for me. I worked with Westeck Windows and Doors in Chilliwack to evoke that modern farmhouse style. For example, I chose 31 in x 71 in windows for my parlor and dining room windows and added transoms to let in more light.

The result is not only comfort and function…but style all day long! And those riverside views take my breath away!

windows-2       windows-1

…from design to reality…

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