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Style Is an Evolution

My definition of a “soft style of living” has evolved over time…inspired by my travels and influenced by shifting trends, my personal taste, my growing collection of vintage pieces, as well as the homes I’ve lived in or visited. To me “soft style of living” is characterized by a welcoming warmth with a touch of luxury. It is embodied in my home, my wardrobe choices and beauty routines, as well as my professional life.

I try to bring a welcoming warmth and a touch of luxury to my home by creating light, uncluttered spaces that are practical yet beautiful. A clean and well-organized home brings calm to my full and busy life. I fill my rooms with painted (flat or lacquered) white wood and wicker furniture in a variety of styles. I love blending my collections with new pieces, juxtaposing clear vintage glass with acrylic, milk glass with ironstone, and enamel wear with marble. Adding textural interest by mixing and layering different shades of white-upholstered or slip-covered furniture using linen, cotton, velvet, twill and faux fur feels like a hug when you enter each room. Simple and feminine dance with modern and vintage to yield a long-lasting classic yet charming style that I absolutely adore. This style is exemplified in my little sunroom featured in the photo below.

Anyone who knows me, recognizes how I depict a soft style of living in my wardrobe choices and beauty routine. Choosing white and black apparel means I can easily throw together looks suitable for any occasion. Washable is key, no drycleaners for me. Once in a while I’m tempted by a French grey tulle tutu with a soft pearl and blush chenille sweater from designer Molly Braken of Paris. I especially love my tutu for its dress-up-or-down versatility and oh so feminine past-the-knee tea length. Should I buy one in each colour…warm white, black and blush? Applying a light touch of Confetti by Glo on my lips completes the luxury look. But wait, what new fashion trend will catch my fancy next season?

It is important that the “soft style of living” permeates not only my home but my places of business as well. It is my sincere wish that each guest who passes through the doors of the Pomp, the Little White House and the Salon Café feels welcomed and is delighted in some small way with what they experience. Whether you socialize and dine at the café (meringue nests anyone?), receive a mini-makeover at the Pomp or simply browse our collection of home décor, apparel and beauty products, we hope that something delights you and gives you that lap-of-luxury feeling!

Soft style of living means cozy chairs in sunlit corners, delectable sweets, the perfect outfit for the occasion, and a hint of colour on my least for the moment!
Soft style of living means cozy chairs in sunlit corners, delectable sweets, the perfect outfit for the
occasion, and a hint of colour on my lips…at least for the moment!

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