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What Could Be Sweeter?

I know the language of the floweret.
My fragile leaves, it said, [your] heart enclose.
Love long has taken for [your] amulet
One perfect rose.
-Dorothy Parker

What could be sweeter than time spent with a dear friend over a hot beverage on a spring day, talking remember-whens, what-ifs, and when-will-we-meet-agains? My new favourite is the Paris Rose Tea Latte we created for our Pretty-in-Pink Sweetheart Tea offered from February 11th to 16th, 2018. I love it so much I want to share the recipe with you.

Paris Rose Tea Latte Recipe

Steep ½ cup of LWH Paris Rose Tea. Add a shot of vanilla flavouring, a dash of pink food colouring, one shot of fresh espresso, enough hot frothed milk* to fill the cup, and dried rose petals to garnish.

*To froth milk, pour milk into a jar, no more than halfway. Seal the jar and shake as hard as you can until the milk is frothy and almost doubles in volume. Microwave the milk uncovered for 30 seconds. While pouring into a wide shallow cup, hold back the froth with a spoon, and pour as much hot milk as you like, then garnish.

Our signature LWH Paris Rose Tea Latte is best enjoyed with any of our Little White House Sweet Petits.

Paris Rose Tea Latte Recipe

On your next visit to the Salon Café, be sure to share a cup or two with your dearest friend. If you mention “a dear friend sent me” to your server, he or she will give you 10% off your purchase of loose leaf LWH Paris Rose Tea. From me to you with love!

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